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NAIAS 2014, Part 4

After what was an astonishing Monday at the North American International Auto Show, and then the even more incredible supper at the GM Heritage Centre that evening, how could this Tuesday make its own … [Read More...]


NAIAS 2014, Part 3

Monday morning came far too quickly for my liking.  An 0630 wake up call to make it for breakfast at 0700 downstairs was a bit much after the whirlwind adventure of the previous night’s GMC Canyon … [Read More...]


Apple announces CarPlay

Innovation. Something Apple has been lacking since the passing of their iconic CEO Steve Jobs. Or at least that's what the media wants you to think. Like any smart company, and the only tech … [Read More...]


NAIAS 2014, Part 2

Sunday morning, I woke up in my hotel room at the Marriott Renaissance Centre in Detroit, opened the window curtains, and immediately scared the crap out of myself.  Getting in at some ungodly hour … [Read More...]


NAIAS 2014, Part 1

The North American International Auto Show.  One could easily consider this car show to be the most important in North America, and definitely one of the most important throughout the world.  Car … [Read More...]


Valentine’s Day Tips

Well Valentine’s Day is coming up and I thought I would take some time to discuss some tips and date ideas for that special day. Let’s face the truth of what Valentine’s Day is though; a holiday … [Read More...]